Teira Naahi

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ch 22

If i faded would you notice

Would my pain at all be seen 

Am i an empty piece of paper

For whom you have no words at all

No carpet for the floor

No memory of a door

I am not sure i actually left

It was you whom care here

Long ago cold winter

Words in circle

Nonsensical rhyme

I died when i was a child

You were there you knew the fact

Deep pool 

Dark pool 

Pool hot

I am dead now and still you are here 

Hot pool 

Dark pool 

Pool deep

We are classic you and i

You are my beauty

I am your ugly

Together we must die

If you faded would i notice

Would your pain be felt at all 

Are you a scribbled piece of paper 

With far to many words to call

Flash carpet for the floor

Gold trimming for the door

I am not sure you actually left

It was not you whom came here

Long ago cold winter

Circle of words rhyme nonsensical 

You died when you were a child

I was there i knew the fact 

Pool deep 

Pool dark 

Hot pool

You are dead now and i am still here

Pool hot 

Pool dark 

Deep pool

This is classic you and i 

I am your beauty 

You are my ugly

Together we must live:

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