Teira Naahi

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ch 9

Almost normal walked to the store

To buy a new thought 

Just like once before

She somehow felt famous

Though the fame had long gone

This continualed revival

Was just words in a song

And a song he would sing

As he set to his work

In remembrance of times

There was almost self worth

But times time like concrete is poured

The love of loves lover battered and torn

Now the storm rages on 

Though calm had begun

Byron’s bland biscuit

Drunk on red rum

A tequila sunrise

Brides for the poor

Tulip and poppy 

Left guarding the door

Into the night of five wishes

Callous and haste

An inflection of mind

Grieving almost divine

But time could not linger

Nor the picture replace

That wild sense of freedom

Upon a miniature stage

Such a giant among dwarfs

Yet a dwarf among men

Blue jeans faded shirt

Bad hair bad teeth bad skin

Almost normal walked home from the store

She had her new memory now better than before

She knew she was famous and it would pass past this day

With the death of a salesman victory was made:

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