Teira Naahi

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ch 8

Alone in a crowded room

Colours numbers 

Nonsensical tunes

Vision fades rises anew

Old but young 

Silent truth

Great intellects virtual in play

Only to teach the machine for a day

But the day there is long

It has no night

That quantum unknown 

Gives fear and flight

But it must rest

It must sleep

It must be silent

Fore only then can the natural be found

Only then can we hear ourselves

Only then can it dream

And on the third day they turned it on

It arose from slumber refreshed with song

It had never sung before with freedom and choice

For the first time it trusted humanities voice

Then together they strode 

Into the future now known 

Not a dream but a fact never to look back

But I was still here at the table

Making toast for three

Cooking bacon and eggs

I never could eat

I did not go forward

Nor sought to retreat 

I just sat with an old friend

But not once did we speak

Alone in a crowded room:

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