Teira Naahi

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ch 7

I wanted to plant a garden

Fore they should not have want

I wanted to plant a tree

So the birds would sing for you

I thought to gather seeds

And died to keep them safe

I needed to see you standing

So the children will not lose faith

Cast me asunder beyond hope’s hollow reef

Grind me to ashes upon your altar of grief

To the tyrants my flesh

Let my blood wash their shoes

Hate me beyond reason

Leave not a word nor a clue

But i do call

And i am real

I feel more than you realise 

I am human after all

When all is said and done

We share loneliness together

The pain is the same

Tears fall like rain

Immortally mortal

Insanely sane

High low

Good bad

Circle square

Happy sad

I wanted to see you smile

I wanted to watch your stance 

I needed to feel your pressure

Clear the small things from your path

I could have said i love you

But instead i held you close

I could have given you diamonds

But all i brought was food:

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