Teira Naahi

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ch 11

Thermal thoughts

Leading hearts away

Mary’s watch 

Was set for May

Caspin Jack

Laid down the pack

Whilst Irmun Kayel

Talked into her hat

The parade had come

It was old hill day

Pretty girls 

Like flowers sway

The count three and four

Pipes in full play

Lets dance said the young ones 

Turning the big wheels away

And the staff went up

And the dancers went down

While the farmers professed 

True love for their cows

Can you see me sung the field mouse

Indeed the eagle agreed

Then in a heart beat from the coal face

The wine maker sneezed

And when the working girls came

It was free for that day

Everyone had a good time

Not one was dismayed

So drink for this old hill

Let the parade come again

Drink for this old hill

For it was stolen in May:

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