Teira Naahi

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ch 1

I am dying said the tree

Waters once pure

Now steeped in blood

Cause my roots to retract

In turn bringing forth

Fruit to rot upon the branches

That which by chance 

Finds the great liberation

And even somehow penetrates the crust

Even that shall have shallow root 

And bear forth no seed

I am dying said the tree

There is no time for tears

No time for anger 

Hate or revenge

The time has come and passed again

But this time it simply must stop

Bloodshed is wrong

Murder is wrong

Genocide is wrong

Violence is wrong

I am dying said the tree

I am you and you are me

We are inseparable from the source

And should not think otherwise to be

If I die so too shall you

This is a universal truth

I am dying said the tree

So take heed of these words

I pass now to you

The food of chiefs

Conversation conversation conversation:

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