Teira Naahi

Monday, February 10, 2014

White Pebble

What is this thing called the life without ritual?

To be without ritual 
Is to be without dogma

To be without dogma et ritual 
Is to be without the knowing

To be without the knowing
Is to be without existence

That without existence
Is that which is existence

Now to whom do we attribute the term word maker?

Tis' it not the word maker whom created the first ritual?

Until the word was spoken the thing was not known

The word so spoken gave the first a knowing

From the lips carried upon the breath 

The first heard with such clarity

That the word so spoken firmly took root

Thus it was the seed of knowing the thing was so planted

And so it became that between the speaker and the listener

The No-Thing became Some-Thing

But this was Some-Thing without substance shape nor form

Some-Thing that could only take name in the speakers silence

With name the Some-Thing finds substance shape and form

Fore it is that when the speaker is silent

The first shall work to give substance shape and form to the words so heard

Now in the sensation 

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