Teira Naahi

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Black Pebble

A doubled empire enthroned

Seated upon the doubled jurisdiction

Portraying the doubled imperial dignity

Dissolution and coagulation be the method of self-hood

Therein shalt be found 'God and My Right' which be error

What is this thing called God

What is this thing called my right

God can neither be proven nor disproved

My right originates within the concept of individual self-hood

Now exists the twofold word

Now exists a concept without form or substance

The word external influences the internal concept

Influenced the concept seeks form and substance

Nowin the doubling of self-hood

The word external

The word internal

Eternal conflict

Eternal harmony

The external can not be proven nor disproved

The internal can not be proven nor disproved

That which is between faith and belief:

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