Teira Naahi

Friday, October 25, 2013

Argentum Pt 3

It does not matter

What others think or don't think

All that is certainty

Is that it has happened 

That it has happened at all

Is proof positive

Of certainties subjectivity to perception

To perceive 

There is a knowing without boundaries 

To perceive 

There are boundaries without knowing

To perceive 

The limitless knowing of perception

That it is happening is eternal

It is the now

Now is but the reality perceived

The sum trinity of past present and future

It is but the struggle eternal of past and future

Influencing the present which is eternal

Good and evil

Right and wrong

Dark and light

Positive and negative

All are but constructs

Giving perception upon the eternal now

Suspended as it is between the past and present

Life is the past

Death is the future

Growth is now

The genesis conception

Beyond the time space continuum

Beyond the space time continuum

The knowing which is chaos

The not knowing which is chaos

The knowing without boundaries 

Is No-Thing

The No-Thing is that unknowable known

The unknowable known 

Is the genesis of perception

Perception is All-Thing:

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