Teira Naahi

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 9

Now about this small hill standing 

Me thinks that building should not be there 

Ah but there it be atop her head 

… … … 



Dark thoughts 

They had found a new way to chain us 

So we adapted 

Problematic youth 

Steady age 

Be it there the path now lay 

… … … 

I suspect therein the third awaiting 

The first was to chip the wall 

The second to destroy the wall 

The third an empty basket presented 

… … …

It is okay that the count was wrong 

Forst the final shalt be known to all 

Herein lay the secret of genesis 

… … … 

The great conception 

A child waiting 




… … … 

Yet why should i be gifted such 

It is not as if i went forth searching reward 

I gave more than i received 

Therein layeth contentment 

Yet the child still calls 

… … … 

New flowers upon the aged 

My Lord my love indeed your garden survives 

Her faith has kept the water flowing 

Upon a procession of swan 

I gazes back down the path 

There is no need for death 

Ultimate sacrifice already given 

Praise be the elders wisdom:

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