Teira Naahi

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 8

The great preoccupation

False vision 

Truth misunderstood 

… … … 

He had little faith and fought the binding 

Why forth was the help called 

She just wanted escape 

Hers was the call for help 

The others just wanted self absorption 

Hers is the need greatest 

… … … 

My lord my god mine was service 

As the mothers was test 

There shall be not one winner 

Slow be hells descent fore all 

… … … 

What then be this nightmare 

Dare thoust to send me pain 

Attacked i must defend 

Body scard 

Mind tortured 

Bones weakened 

Under foot the path abandoned 

… … … 

Some may win 

Some may lose

Cultus Christos 

No bells left to toll 

… … … 

So now the master shall return to hell 

Darkness a gift left for the faithless 

It is not about forgiveness 

It was about doing what is needed 

No grouping of family forward 

Forever backwards be the truth 

… … … 

Perhaps i was not worthy 

Perhaps i should have fought 

Yet the new way constrains 

Therein beeth the lesson 

Therein beeth the punishment 

… … … 

Shadows dance 

Whispers fade 

No-Thing descends 

Empty garden 

Let the darkness come 

Fore death lays there:

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