Teira Naahi

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 6

Lo doth the calm arise 




… … … 

I do not know why the battery was chosen 

But if choice was forced anew 

A battery i would still be 

They drain me dry 

Rest restores 

But eventually the container fails 

… … … 

A thought is wereforth the dissipation 

If not passed forward in seed 

Whereforth dissipation 

Dissipation whereforth 

… … … 

All things arise from intent 

Intent leads to action 

Error has many points of entry 

The way of the warrior is stand in light 

The way of the warrior is stand in darkness 

Without demand 

Without reward

Satisfaction not found 

Contentment in service

Glory in service

Eternity gained 

… … … 

But one was not born a slave 

One was born of rank 

From the high to the low 


From without within 


Between all thing and no thing 


Rest now child 

But a babe in the egg of blue:

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