Teira Naahi

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 5

My lord my god 

Why hast thoust forsaken 

This temple not mine 

Threefold the handshake 

… … … 

Violent the body reacts 

Trapped now within without 

Whom art thoust jesting 

Service i gave pure in heart 

Now the heart fails 

… … … 

Seeded barren 

Rocky earth 

The ears have not seen 

The eyes have not heard 

The mouth hath faulted 

A journey of awhi 

Preludes the death

Let not the tears fall 

Leave grief upon the ground 

This was never going to be a tale of success 

… … … 

I cannot feed 

I can not love 

Feelings left aeons ago 

This is not self pity 

Nor pity of self 

For i chose the last 

As the last chose me 

… … … 

Lessons learnt long past 

Speak not to me now 

As now i speak not 

Only think what should 

Never what was 

… … … 

Sleep now pure heart 

For victory beeth with thee 

Not once disturbed 

Be all that you are:

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