Teira Naahi

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 4

Words of wisdom 

Wisdom of words 

Much shall we avoid 

Contact the most 

… … … 

A record left for the young master 

Yet not shall they read 

Heavy heart 

Bleeding feet 

Doubt enslaves the wise 

But wise i be not 

Not be i wise 

Stripped naked 

Exposed not in beauty 

… … … 

I thought this to be of light 

But the light i could not see 

What is needed unfound

Unfound is the need 

… … … 

Now back towards the east 

Greeting the sun 

Such perfection be that symbol 

A master fallen before his time 

Born in hell 

Raised in hell 

Die in hell 

Was it to much to dream the fields of growth 

Service comes with little reward 

… … … 

Question upon questions 

The monkey and i play 

But only to leave the people hungry 

A failure of certainty 

Yet somewhere over the rainbow 

I have heard her sing 

… … … 

So was it weakness of character 

A character of weakness 

From the whare of light 




Even without sin:

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