Teira Naahi

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 3

Now had i the thought 

From random beginnings 

Beginnings random 

Take thee the hand of faith 

Let faith take the hand of thee

… … … 

Alone i shall always be 

Yet never to be parted 

Unity stands 

Patience rewarded 

And what of that which was sought 

Not shall it be revealed 

Tired the master now sits alone 

Game of thrones ended 

Intent fails for it never was 

The benefit was not for self 

But a hole dug deeper 

Narrowing the path

But a sense of hope dashed 

It is unwise to want what cannot be had 

… … … 





So what sense was the mission 

To many the questions 

Hard stone 

Cold earth 

The internal falters 

The price of leadership 

… … … 

Lone path 

Hard parting 

To see her smile 

Was once sufficient 

Wherein shalt it be found 

Least the garden wither 

Again to service 

… … … 

There will be no secret garden 

Neither shalt shadow be moved 

Such is the price of winning freedom for others 

Her hands heal 

Extend the count 

Pain thrice folded:

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