Teira Naahi

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Journey of Awhi Pt 1

Silent communication 

Change intent 

Southern destination 

Empty smoke stacks 

Pathway of the elders 

Youthful rose 

Metal cross

… … … 

Nine be the stations counted 

From the first an old friend 

Song of ages 

Tides of movement 

We must do as we must 

And as we must the bell shall toll 

But a whisper unheard 

… … … 

Empty fields

Scared hills 

Ringed lake 

Dead grass 

Lone traveler 

Empty house 

No tears 

… … … 

Once accused of little standing 

It was not surprising emptiness followed 

Even with knowledge southern kings await 

But heart made ready the bride now stands 

… … … 

'Tis not a thing of grief and sorrow 

Forward motion the intent 

Tomorrow promised 

Herald the dawn for the host hath come 

Rippling earth awakening 

Long standing the whare 

Three visitors that night far flung 

… … … 

Song of stone 

Song of wood 

Song of life 

Sacred island 

A meal for four 

Tales woven 

Red be the wine 

Classic the movie:

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